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The most advanced energy management system available.

Designed with your wallet and convenience in mind

Pulse® does not take short cuts with your solar. Advanced data science and our patented technology make Pulse® the most advanced energy management solar system available. With guaranteed energy savings and guaranteed solar outage protection, your solar investment is protected and optimised for every ray of sunlight.

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Earn 21% more from your solar system

Pulse® and our Pulse Analytics Platform®, provide the most powerful energy advice available.

$500 guaranteed savings

Over the first 3 years of your Pulse®.

Home battery assessment

Pinpoint exactly when to install a home battery.

Smart home control

Control your air conditioning, lights and more.

Be on the best energy plan

Save on average $451 annually.

In-home solar notifications

Know when it's cheapest to use power.

24/7 energy monitoring

Real time and historic reports on your solar and energy usage.

Guaranteed solar outage protection

Or we'll pay your lost revenue.

Set a budget & view bill forecasts

Never spend more than your budget.

$500 guaranteed savings

Pulse® comes with a $500 energy saving guarantee.

Pulse® is guaranteed to find you at least $500 in energy savings over three years. Savings may include identifying a better energy plan, diagnosing inefficiencies in your solar system and automating your energy usage, all with the single focus to save you money.

If Pulse® doesn't find you at least $500 in savings, we'll pay you the difference between your identified savings and the $500 guarantee.

This guarantee does not apply to installations in the Northern Territory or Western Australia.

Always be on the best electricity plan

Save an average $451 annually.

21% boost in solar earnings. Save $11,275

Pulse® savings provide an average 21% increase in solar savings over the life of your solar panels.

25 year savings graph
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Be on the best energy plan ALWAYS

Pulse® and Pulse Analytics Platform® use your unique energy profile to assess the best electricity plan for you, among over 500 plans. If you have a choice of electricity retailer, our impartial analysis ensures you are always on the best plan available.

Let Pulse® take the confusion out of comparing energy plans as we turn the tables on the energy utilities, putting you back in control.

Let Pulse Analytics Platform® continually assesses your unique energy profile to ensure you’re always on the best electricity plan. If a better electricity plan is available, Pulse Analytics Platform® will show you the savings.

Lifetime saving based on average $451 annual saving applied over solar panel life of 25 years. 21% increase comparison based on a 5kW system @ 40% export with 8c / kWh feed-in tariff and 30c / kWh consumption tariff.

Easy oversight and control via the Pulse® app, powered by our Pulse Analytics Platform®

Set a smart energy budget

View your real-time spend and your forecasted next energy bill.

Avoid bill shock

Set budget thresholds and be alerted when you are approaching your set energy budget.

Detailed regular reports

Detailed daily, weekly and bill cycle reports direct to your inbox.

Smart home control

Control your compatible air conditioning, lights and appliances all from one app*.

24/7 live data

View your home’s solar generation and energy usage in real time. See how much solar energy you are exporting to the grid.

Pulse app shown on a mobile phone
Pulse app providing solar outage protection

Solar outage protection GUARANTEED

Most solar system outages usually go undetected for up to 4 months, costing you up to $600. The Pulse® Solar Sentinel protection guarantee ensures your solar system is earning you money, protecting you from unreported solar system outages 24/7.

If an outage is detected, we’ll advise you - guaranteed. If we don’t, we’ll pay for your lost solar revenue during this period. No other solar monitoring system provides this customer guarantee.

Easy oversight and control via the Pulse® app

Prevent an outage that costs you $604

On average, a solar system is offline for four-five months, costing $604 in lost solar revenue.

Continuous solar health scans protect your investment

Pulse® continually monitors the health of your system, ensuring that it’s at optimal health.

Guaranteed outage protection - or we pay

Pulse® guarantees to notify you of an outage within 24-48 hours, or we’ll pay your lost solar during your full outage period.

Graph showing easy oversight with the Pulse app
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In-home notifications on when to use power

Stop guessing when to use your solar power. Pulse® has an in-home notification system that will let you know when it's financially best to use or export your solar energy.

Always know when it's cheapest to use power

Pulse® tells you when power is cheapest

Don't guess when to use power based on your solar generation and electricity rates.

Green = Cheap power now

Red = Power is expensive

Your energy at a glance

Glance at the Pulse® to see if your home using more or less power than your budget.

Happy family about their electricity bill

Be battery ready ON YOUR TERMS

Determining your home’s battery suitability isn’t as simple as glancing at your electricity bill. Rapid Advancements in battery technology make it challenging to understand if or when a home battery is right for you.

Pulse Analytics Platform® scientifically calculates battery suitability for your home by assessing your unique electricity profile. The Pulse® battery assessment will precisely pinpoint when to invest in a home battery - and the exact battery specifications suitable for your needs.

Pulse® and our Pulse Analytics Platform® is backed by a data science and engineering team that continually assess developments in the battery market to ensure you receive the best solution for your home. Under or over sizing your battery can make the difference between your battery saving or costing you money.

Pinpoint when to install a battery

Don't get misled on battery savings

Pulse® continually and independently analyses the rapidly changing home battery market to assess and recommend the best home batteries.

Pinpoint an installation date

Pulse® compares your home’s unique energy profile to the top home battery offerings to recommend when it’s best to install a home battery.

Receive a full financial assessment and independent recommendation.

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Remotely control air conditioning, lights and appliances

The Pulse® and our Pulse Analytics Platform® will transform your home to a connected smart home. Add additional Pulse® devices to remotely control your home's air conditioning, lights and connected appliances.

Monitor your home remotely with your smartphone. Use the Pulse® App to adjust your home's temperature before you get home - or to turn on security lights while on holiday. Control features may require additional equipment.

The Pulse® family of products is expanding rapidly. We look forward to introducing our range of products to you.

These products and services include iPulse®, EcoPulse® and UtilityPulse®.

Man controlling aircon, lights and appliances from mobile phone
Woman using mobile phone pulse app to control home temperature

Control your home's temperature from anywhere

Control via your phone

Control your split system air conditioning via your phone.

Save on cooling/heating costs

Turn your air con on when you have excess solar, to reduce running costs.

*Additional Emberair hardware required.

The Emberiq is a smart device that plugs directly into any home electrical socket. Perfect for lamps, portable heaters and fans, pressure cookers, washing machines and fridges.

Monitor, control and schedule

Plug appliances into an Emberiq to remotely monitor power consumption, turn appliances off and on.

Extend your Pulse® range

Plug in an Emberiq to increase the signal range of your Pulse®.

Emberiq smart plug
24/7 energy monitoring from your mobile phone

24/7 energy monitoring

Pulse® provides real time monitoring of your home's solar generation and energy use. Avoid bill shock by setting usage alerts. Receive comprehensive daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly energy reports that detail your home's solar generation and energy use.

View your home's energy profile

View what's important to you

Chart your home's solar generation and earnings against your grid consumption and cost.

Compare and contrast

With over 12 charting variables, you can compare your home,s usage, generation, cost and earnings.

Customise your timeframe

Choose to view your energy across the periods; now, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and more.

Monitor specific loads

Depending on your Pulse® configuration, you may be able to view your hot water system, air conditioning system and other heavy loads.

Flexible monitoring and control

Install an Emberiq to monitor and control specific devices in your home.

E.g lamps, fridges and portable heaters.

Home energy profile stats shown on mobile phone