369 labs capabilities


Maximising potential with high-scalable cloud servers, mobile app development and embedded device software.

Happy Tenant pointing to solar panels on roof

Tenant solutions

Guiding Australian tenants to smart renewable energy!

Tenants can now access cheap solar energy on their rental property with the upfront costs fully funded by their landlord. All thanks to our great partnership with Beat Energy.

Landlord solutions your key to solar freedom

Landlord solutions

Solar has long been the domain of owner-occupier householders, but not anymore.

Let 369 Labs show you how we have worked out the solar viability puzzle for both landlords and their tenants with our game changing innovation.

We will show you how to save energy costs for your tenants whilst deliverring a positive cash-flow from the landlords solar investment, from day one.

Solar panel and smart grid services

Connecting inverter and battery manfacturers to the smart grid

Let us seamlessly connect your products to the smart grid, unlocking the hidden value within inverter and battery products. 369 Labs deliver greater value to your customers ensuring long term business viability, whilst delivering grid safety and security for all.

High scalability cloud servers

Our team has over 15 years experience developing highly scalable servers with the ability to handle millions of transactions per second. Our server solutions are architected to allow the dynamic ability to scale up performance and responsiveness, enabling us to handle almost any scenario or solution required. We prefer to deploy on AWS cloud infrastructure, with a focus on a machine-2-machine small packet, very high volume transactions. Industry standard security underpins our complete framework and solutions.

Utilising the significant energy data we capture, we invest heavily in data analysis, reporting and optimisation. This allows us to quickly assess new energy ideas that help drive customer engagement, add value and increase renewable energy usage.

369 Labs mobile app development

Mobile app development

Due to their ready availability and high functionality Mobile Applications (Apps) are now ubiquitous. They have become the front door and the major user interface for clients and end users when interacting with web and internet technologies. As such the complexity of our backend cloud infrastructure is hidden behind a well designed, organised and simple to use, user interface (UI). To maximise functionality and take advantage of features unique to each mobile operating system, we develop separate indvidual native apps for iOS and Android devices based around our own common library of components.

As we have full in house control over the development of our mobile apps, we can customise or modify very quickly to provide a customised app driven solution for our clients and customers.

Embedded device software

Our locally deployed hardware uses a combination of internally designed custom electronics as well as off the shelf electronic components. Our team of talented engineers write the firmware that powers the majority of the hardware we deploy. This means we develop our own highly secure firmware that is deployed across a range of end-devices, each with specific functionality. As such we develop various custom firmware that runs runs both on the "bare-metal" (microprocessors) or on top of an embedded Linux OS.

Each device has extensive remote and local diagnostics to enable installers to test and confirm the device has been correctly installed and is communicating with the solar/battery inverters and NMI metering solutions we deploy.

Girl working on laptop

Tailored energy solutions

Our modular energy focused software architecture has been built over many years. We make extensive use of this as it provides us with flexibility to build tailored, customised energy solutions for our partners and clients.

How do you not get left behind in an energy market undergoing mass disruption? Partner with those disrupting the energy market! At 369 Labs our primary focus is to shake up the energy market to finally make energy fair for everyone.