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About 369 Labs

We're revolutionising access to affordable solar energy for a greener tomorrow.

369 Labs: Powering Tomorrow, Today

At 369 Labs, we're not just changing the game - we're revolutionising the energy landscape. As experts in renewable technologies, we're ushering in a greener tomorrow by leading the charge to make sustainable energy accessible to all.

Our commitment is simple: we engineer bespoke renewable energy solutions that empower your entire energy journey, from generation to consumption. What sets us apart is our focus on delivering optimal energy solutions tailored to elevate your enterprise above the rest in the solar energy space.

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Who we are

At 369 Labs, we're more than an energy engineering business - we're disruptors in the energy sector, committed to two guiding principles: technology that contributes to a better environment and supporting our partners in navigating the rapidly evolving energy grid. Our experienced team has illuminated over 2.3 million homes across Australia, Canada, and the USA with energy-saving products and services since our inception in 2011.

We understand that your energy needs are unique, and our solutions reflect this understanding. We're not just a provider, we're a partner in your journey towards a more efficient and sustainable energy future.

Why choose 369 Labs?

Holistic solutions

We don't just address parts of the energy puzzle, we provide comprehensive solutions that cover the entire spectrum.

Data-driven innovation

Our commitment to turning big data into actionable insights ensures your energy resources are not just efficient but future-proof.

Market leadership

Partnering with us means being on the forefront of market trends. Our engineering team is dedicated to keeping you ahead of the curve.

Transformative data insights

Unlock the true potential of your energy resources with 369 Labs. Our expert team leverages big data to convert information into long-lasting, sustainable, and positive outcomes for your business. In the fast-paced world of energy, real-time data intelligence is key. Join the energy revolution with 369 Labs, ensuring your resources are not just part of it but leading the way.

Engineering excellence at your service

Meet our multi-disciplinary engineering team - the backbone of our success. Comprising skilled professionals adept at invention, design, analysis, and construction, they craft personalised solutions for our energy partners. Whether it's boosting returns on renewable energy investments or introducing cutting-edge household energy management technologies, our team ensures you not only reach but stay at the forefront of the competitive energy supply chain.

Innovating for a greener tomorrow

At the heart of our mission is continuous innovation. Our engineering team is relentless in developing market-leading technologies that empower our partners to lead transformation in the energy market. We focus not only on turning data into green outcomes but on ensuring that our partners play an integral role in the ongoing energy revolution.

pioneering positive change

Join us in pioneering positive change

Transform your energy landscape with 369 Labs, where innovation meets sustainability. We're more than innovators – we're architects of a greener, fairer future. Reach out today to explore bespoke renewable energy solutions and shape a sustainable tomorrow with us.

Corporate, social & responsibilities

At 369 Labs, we're not just disrupting the energy market, we're reshaping it for the benefit of all consumers, especially those facing the pressures of rising living costs. Our compass is guided by strong ethical values, and our focus includes these key areas:


Transparency is at the heart of our client relationships. As pivotal stakeholders, we provide timely, factual, and accurate information, empowering our clients, customers, and employees to make informed decisions. Your success is our success, and we believe in fostering a transparent and open communication.


Our diverse team comprises individuals with unique needs and aspirations. We go beyond merely accommodating as we strive to create an environment where employees thrive. Recognising that success is a collective effort, many of our team members are also part-owners. We reward excellence with a flexible working environment, opportunities for personal development, and tangible incentives, including ownership options and profit sharing.


As advocates for renewable and green energy, we walk the talk. We prioritise local installers, minimise shipping, and leverage technology to operate efficiently, reducing our carbon footprint. Wherever our solutions are deployed, we tread lightly, ensuring our commitment to environmental sustainability is woven into every facet of our operations.

At 369 Labs, our focus extends beyond business; it's about building a sustainable, equitable future.